About ME

I am a mother, grandmother, sister and friend. for over 4 decades, I have led Women’s circles, Ceremonies, and am a Healing Conductor and Representative in the Inayatiyya Sufi Order. I volunteer for TreeSisters, and proceeds of the sales of my art and workshops help fund planting trees around the world.

I have been making art, teaching, and exhibiting my creations for many decades now. I began as a Printmaker, and love papers – especially hand made papers. Because of this, I often use collage in my pieces. Art Journals are another of my expression- combining archives and notes.

I fell in love with Watercolor in college, and it is the best for traveling. Most of that body of work is inspired by the Land and Nature. I have a studio and record the flow of the seasons outside my windows. these can be found locally in Bloomington and on my website. Cards, and limited edition prints are also available through PayPal.

The acrylics are my newest body. These are inspired by personal myths and intuitive journeys into the inner mystery. They guide me from the painting out, instead of from my view of Nature in. This is an intuitive process I love to share as a Facilitator.

I live in the rural landscape on a community I helped create. Community is important for me.