white glads
Striking stem of white gladiolas

Summer 2022 is almost here. I’ve just returned from a family vacation to St. Augustine, Florida. Enjoyed sunrises, waves and tourism. In my personal world, I return home and re-connect to garden and yard. This year, I started vegetables and flowers from seed, and now am ready for planting the seeds in the garden.

My studio is ready for me, but I am not engaged right now in painting.

A fallow, waiting, unknown.

Soft pastel used to elicit the spring freshness
Iris and delicate wild lilacs in an antique vase

Trusting what is.

Categorized as Spiritual

By Sharani SaraMalik

I am an Artist, Community builder, Creativity Coach, Facilitator of Art of Allowing© intuitive painting, Facilitator Wild Soul Women©, Grandmother, Integral Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Sufi Representative, Tree Sister, and Gatherer.

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