Exhibit of “Intuitive Inspirations”

I have 35 or so acrylics hanging locally in the Vault Gallery & Mortgage on W. 6th St. in Bloomington. The show will hang through September. These pieces have been chosen for my upcoming ORACLE DECK, INTUITIVE INQUIRIES.

Tree Sisters

Supporting my Art supports the Earth through with global forest plantings Everything I do in my life is a reflection of my passion for Nature. Tree Sisters has planted over 19 MILLION trees in Rainforest areas worldwide. www.treesisters.org

The Matter of Spirit

Celebrating today~~ the Blessed annual return of spring here in the northern hemisphere. It is still a bit early to go straight into gardening, but the early harbingers are showing. and~ happy Women’s History day! … or MONTH, as I like to call it. The piece above began as a little daydream during a Sufi… Continue reading The Matter of Spirit